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>> a private funeral for betty ford is planned tomorrow in palm desert, california. on wednesday the casket travels to grand rapids for a private burial thursday alongside her husband. the news keeps coming tonight, brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. the news edge keeping a close eye on the radar. summer storms pounded the area tonight, heavy rains, whipping winds and take a look at what lightning did in rockville. a fox 5 viewer sent us this picture of a fewer broke out on top of us house. more on that story in a moment. first let's get an update on the developing story with sue palka in the weather center. >> we still have a few active severe thunderstorm warnings mostly across to delaware. we're seeing it really wind down now. thank heavens because that was a real pounding the area took this afternoon and late evening. over to the radar and you'll see we're talking about delaware. they just dropped as the broadcast again dorchester, your severe thunderstorm
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warning has ended. these storms are much weaker. the lightning and intensity of rain is way down. there could be a spotty shower here and there. we may pick up a couple leftover showers in prince george's county, but the worst is definitely over. let me show you, keep the severe thunderstorm watch up one more hour until midnight for those areas across the bay and a couple counties down to our south and west. it has helped temperatures, although, believe it or not, we've now climbed up to 80 degrees. that's up 2 degrees since 10:00 and we also have to warn you we have a heat advisory for most of the metro area tomorrow. that combination of heat and humidity which could be record breaking will feel like it's in the triple digits, maybe as high as 105 to 110 degrees. get ready for a scorcher again tomorrow, but i'm talking about relief when i join you in a few minutes. we'll have some great picks of that cloud deck that rolled in -- pictures of that cloud deck that rolled in ahead of the storm. more amazing pictures of that house fire in rockville sparked by a lightning strike.
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the lightning struck a tree on whipperwill lane. the current from the bolt ricocheted into the rift. the family got out safely, but they'll have to find another place to stay for now. this is the second time in five years this home has been damaged by lightning. apparently it does strike twice. another developing story, interstate 270 back open shut down for six hours today because of this gas main break along 121. you can see debris and smoke shooting from the ground. it was caused by construction crews which accidentally hit a 6-inch gas main this afternoon, no one hurt. the surrounding neighborhoods are safe. right now the ramp at 121 is still closed. d.c. police arrested a third man in the murder of robert foster jr. the 43-year- old was shot to death on gresham road northwest june 25th just after the caribbean festival parade wrapped up. three others were wounded. today police arrested 19-year- old terrance bush of northeast. two others also face murder
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charges. also in d.c. city council about to address an issue that's at the center of a lawsuit, the ability to own a handgun. it is legal, but right now you can't get it registered. fox 5's matt ackland in the newsroom with more. >> here's the problem at hand. there are no businesses that sell handguns in d.c. so you have to buy them out of state and then go through the process of transferring them to d.c. well, one transfer business in d.c. went out of business several months ago. so this new legislation on the table tomorrow will force the d.c. government to step in and act as a transferring agency. it was an order from the supreme court. district residents had the right to own handguns even though district law at the time said they couldn't, but in order for d.c. residents to legally own guns after that supreme court decision they had to have proper authorization from a federal firearms licensee known as an ffl. >> the only ffl in the district handling the transfer of
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firearms has temporarily shut down. i hoped he would have reopened by now. he has not. >> reporter: >> so council member phil mendelson believes the district needs to step in and offer residents the ability to transfer their guns. >> if the government can step in, the mayor would have the authority and it would be expected that the mayor would delegate that authority to an agency. >> what agency? well, that's the question. >> our back's against the wall. we have to do this. >> chairman of the council kwame brown says he believes in time a private company will be back in business to authorize these transfers. he understands the district needs to step in now, but he'd rather not see d.c. police handling these transfers. >> right now the pd should be focused on making sure our residents are safe and being out in the streets. >> reporter: council member mendelson would rather have a private company setting up transfers. >> the way we're intending a legislation, if there is a
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commercially operating federal firearms licensee, then the district government would back out. >> reporter: by the way, mendelsohn says he doesn't expect many tax dollars to be spent on this transfer authorization if the government takes over. he says on average there were only about eight to 10 gun transfers a month before the private owner shut down. >> we know that this transfer issue is at the center of a lawsuit. is this just a move bithe council to avoid legal problems here? -- by the council to avoid legal problems here? >> yeah, brian, you're right. there is a court hearing friday. mendelson told me this is not about legal pressure. the attorney suing the district said even if this legislation passes tomorrow, his legal case is not over. he thinks the transfer process of d.c. is too strict. a manhunt is on for suspects in a deadly attack on a good samaritan in prince george's county. it happened saturday night on southern avenue. 50-year-old raymond stewart and another man jumped in to try
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and save a man being attacked by about a dozen people or so. the group turned on them sending both stewart and the other man to the hospital. stewart later died. a new trial date for redskin albert haynesworth. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> august 23rd is when haynesworth goes on trial for the misdemeanor sexual assault charges. he's accused of putting his credit card into a waitress' bar and fondling her at the w hotel bar allegedly in february. he denies the charges. the case carries a maximum six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. the judge in the roger clemens perjury trial said he won't question any additional potential jurors and decided that opening arguments will start wednesday morning sometime. the former pitcher is accused of lying to congress by testifying he never used performance enhancing drugs. the chesapeake bay going on a pollution diet. the head of the epa has made an effort to restore the bay. it could cost as much as $8
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billion virginia's governor bob mcdonnell wants to know where that money is coming from. a developing story tonight, still no compromise on a debt reduction plan. president obama met with congressional leaders again today hoping to hammer out an agreement on how to slash the nation's debt. democrats and republicans say the debt ceiling must be raised before august 2nd so the government can pay its bills. the president says he won't accept a short term package. >> the thing that i will not consider are a 30 day or a 60 day or a 90 day or a 180 day temporary stopgap resolution to this problem. >> both sides agree they must cut the deficit over the next decade. democrats want new tax revenues along with cuts. republicans don't. the president urged lawmakers to return to the white house tomorrow with fresh ideas. where are the jobs? that's the question capitol hill is trying to answer. there are several options on the table.
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some are controversial and could affect your wallet. we'll explain next and just a few of the other stories in our rundown including a twist in a cold case murder investigation. the news edge at 11:00 will be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. @ @((((((((((((((((((((((((((((?
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friday's dismal jobs report sparking new concerns about the u.s. economy, the jobless rate now about 9%. it may be a while before that percentage goes down. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick with the details. >> reporter: jessica johnson who is running her family's new york security business says it's not easy to be an employer right now. >> oh, yes, it is much harder than i thought it would be even though i grew up in the business knowing the day to day operations, what was required, the number of checks you have to right and the responsibility for employees was very overwhelming when i first came
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into the business. >> reporter: her company is hiring she says. uncertainty about taxes and regulations like the new healthcare bill keeps johnson's security bureau from expanding even more. >> there's so much uncertainty around how a company is to execute the expectations of employers and what the potential costs and expenses will be that we don't even know how to plan long term beyond 2012. >> reporter: with the economy stuck in neutral, uncertainty and lack of sales are the main hold-up to companies bringing more people on board. tom donahue, ceo of the u.s. chamber of commerce, says there are several things capitol hill can do to get america back in gear. some you've heard before. others are a bit more controversial like hiking the gas tax for the first time in 18 years. donahue says the revenue has dwindled and many people could be put to work rebuilding our infrastructure. >> under these circumstances it's not unreasonable to suggest that we phase in a modest increase in the gas tax
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over time. >> reporter: and stop spending tax dollars to keep people in homes they can't afford. donahue said stopping up foreclosures fast is the best way to let the housing market recover. right next to uncertainty the survey found business owners are most concerned by america's debt. the chamber strongly believes we can't cut the credit line yet. >> congress needs to raise the debt ceiling and it must do so without delay. it's an unfortunate reality, but it must be done. failure to do so would have grave consequences for main street businesses and family this this country. >> reporter: melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. coming up next the cold case investigation takes a twist. why the fbi is going through the facebook and e-mail beings of a murdered teenager. -- accounts of a murdered teenager. when we take the edge off ask and you shall receive, our viral video got a date for a
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marine with an actress. but first this week thomas stuker blew his 10 millionth mile. he reached the milestone on a trip from l.a. to chicago. he's the first 10 million-mile flyer with united, one of the first. he gets his name on the side of a plane. r r lt
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new details tonight in the investigation into the murder of phylicia barnes, the north carolina teen who went missing in maryland. the 16-year-old went missing last december visiting her sister in baltimore. her body was found five months later in the susquehanna river. the fbi is looking into whether barnes was the victim of child porn or sexual exploitation before she was killed. investigators are seeking access to her facebook and e- mail accounts. a health alert addressing childhood obesity and the road work that could slow down your drive, back over to laura for your fox 5 top five. >> we begin with another effort to curb obesity worldwide. no. 5, britain joins the u.s. in stressing the need for daily exercise for kids. the new guidelines say children under the age of 5 should be physically active for at least three hours a day. even babies who can't walk should play on their stomachs or have swimming time with their parents. no. 4, staying healthy while beating the heat is water
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parks. new numbers show more than 10,000 people a year get sick from infections picked up at those park. the best way to reduce infections, take a shower before you splash around. no. 3, the popularity of smartphones is skyrocketing. a new survey says 35% of all u.s. adults now own one. 1/4 of those owners claim they do most of their online browsing from mobile devices. no. 2 tonight, virginia verizon customers won't automatically get their white pages anymore. the state approved verizon's request to waive the required delivery. the listings will be available online or you can request a free printed copy. verizon estimates this will save about 16,000 tons of waste. no. 1, heads up if you drive on canal road in northwest. crews have started work in the eastbound lane between macarthur boulevard and 35th street rehabbing the large water main there. that means traffic backups monday through friday between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
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they might occasionally do overnight work, too, and the work is scheduled to last through september 1st. >> got one more hot day on get through. >> there will be other hot days this upper is, but we'll get a break from these -- this summer, but we'll get a break from these really humidity filled days. tonight big drama when these thunderstorms fired up. we were watching these and rolling on it with our tower camera looking south on wisconsin. we saw this sheet of cloud cover come on across and time lapse did. we saw the lightning build and eventually the entire picture got incredibly dark and the lightning lasted for a good hour and a half. we watched it not only here over the district, but we could see it as far south as calvert county on this tower cam. just incredible tonight. i'm sure a lot of you saw that coming on, too. some of the comments on facebook said it looked like a mother ship coming into town. that's what it looked like to
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us in the fox 5 weather center. let's start with radar tonight. we have a couple spotty showers here and there, but most of the big thunderstorm activity is now over. still a little bit east of st. mary's, this is all moving east at about 35 miles an hour. all the warnings have been dropped, technically have a severe thunderstorm watch until midnight, but most of the severe is over. putting it all in motion, this was part of a big complex that came moving out actually over from ohio and earlier today it had been in chicago where they had about 600,000 people without power. a little bit of that got fired up and it formed into a very damaging line with a lot of lightning and lightning strikes, a lot of cloud-to- ground lightning. while that moved away we had a lot of reports of trees down. we still have one more complex to watch. they can last for hours and that's what we saw tonight moving through our region. it will be very warm overnight. you notice our temperature went
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up a couple degrees. we'll probably be right around 76. some spots will be close to 80. that's real warm and humid. all that water that got squeezed out in the atmosphere will linger around overnight. that humidity will slam you again tomorrow morning. get ready because it will be hard to take. 98 for fredericksburg and alexandria, everybody into the upper 90s obviously but we are emphasizing that heat advisory, the combination of heat and humidity, 102 to 106 easily. at 8:00 in the morning it could feel like 88 degrees with an air temperature of 82. by noon the heat index could be 102. by 5:00 with maybe a couple thunderstorms around about 106 degrees is what we'll feel like with an air temperature of 96. we've got some records that could be broken tomorrow. i think we could tie these records or break them. that gives you some idea what we're expecting. here's the five-day forecast. we know we'll get a break in the humidity department wednesday. 90, not much of a temperature
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break, but it will feel better and it gets better for thursday and friday, saturday about 86 degrees. i think we ole the thunderstorms after tomorrow. there could be -- eliminate the thunderstorms after tomorrow. there could be a shower around. and we're talking all-star break. lindsay murphy is up next. she'll fill in some details when we return.
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good evening. i'm lindsay murphy. it's the all-star break in
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major league baseball and the players not on the roster are somewhere on vacation enjoying a couple days off. those lucky 68 at the all-star game will play tomorrow night right here on fox 5 with coverage starting at 8:00. tonight the home run derby in arizona, look who was throwing to boston's adrian gonzalez, former nats manager manny acta. gonzalez went a little gonzo, nine homers in his first go- round that would lead the pack early on, that one, 445 feet. look what happened during robinson cano's last out of the first round, a real all-star showed up. check out the kid on the run. a full extension, he gets the ball. so nice we must show it twice. do the nats need an outfielder? that's impressive. webcam of the night for that youngster. it would come down to gains and cano in the finals. red sox and yank -- to gonzalez and cano in the finals, red sox and yankees and with no lifeguard on duty beware of
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batted balls while swimming. gonzalez had 11 in the final round but wouldn't you know robby cano and the yankees would one up the sox again, cano's 12th bomb of the final round is the winner. looks like they won the world series, right? a big night for the bronx bombers. tyler clifford is the national all-star. yesterday he was presented with his jersey by gm mike rizzo. the first time all-star had impressive numbers. he pitched 60 plus inning with a 1.79 e.r.a. and looking forward to all the hoopla in phoenix. >> no. 1, i can see my family, haven't seen them in a while and obviously to take in the all- star game and the festivities and to be a part of that is very special. i'm going to try to represent the nats as best i can. >> we are now 118 days counted into the nfl lockout. many expect an agreement can get done in the next seven to 10 days. owners and players will talk again wednesday. the plan is to have an
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agreement and a cba in place to be approved during the july 21st league meeting. training camps are scheduled to open in two weeks. right now the rookie wage scale, free agency rules and benefit for retired players are the issues slowing the process. meanwhile capitals head coach bruce boudreau on the ice this morning for day one of this week long developmental camp. 50 players are in attendance and forward cody ekin has the best chance of making the roster and also at the camp, olaf colzig back as the team's associate goalee coach returning to the pro game after retiring two years ago and working with kids in the juniors. >> my body is not strong enough to play anymore. so the second best thing is to work with the young kids and teach what now know and like i said, i got a lot of gratification doing that with the kids last year and so when the opportunity came up, i thought it would be great for me to come back and try it at
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the pro level. on to golf, the british open starts thursday for the men at royal st. georges, but today the women finished out the u.s. open title in colorado and orahu takes home the crown and maybe the tough part of winning was surviving the champagne shower on the 18th green, south korean's first major championship. according to several sources, wes unfield jr. is expected to leave the franchise to go with the golden state warriors. he has been with the organization since 1997. the news edge will be right back.
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♪ ♪ stay inside? nah. not when you have a five-star
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overall vehicle score for safety. one more reason chevy traverse delivers more. taking the edge off, a marine fighting if afghanistan and a question for actress mila kunis. >> i just want to take a moment out of my day just like you from north carolina. take a second, think about it. get back to me. >> sergeant scott moore posted this youtube video asking the friends with benefits star to accompany him to the marine corps ball. it went viral. she heard about it from her co- star justin timber like lake and she said yes. >> -- timberlake and she said yes. >> is there really a video? >> yes. >> you have to

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